For horse-riding lovers - Horse Riding Associations

For horse-riding lovers

In our country keeping and breeding of horses, horse riding and the various equestrian sports have old traditions. Nowadays, in Hungary, the areas where you can pursue horse riding in a free, natural environment are decreasing, that is why the lovers of this special spare time activity must be pleased with the fact that they are offered numerous possibilities for cross-country riding in Paks and in its region.

Places listed below wait for everyone who wants to ride horses, relax or simply spend some time with them.


Contact information

Cseresznyés Barn Event Center, Restaurant and Boarding House
Address:Cseresznyés street 57., Paks, 7030
Mobile phone:+36 (70) 336-2173
Horse Riding Association of Csámpa - Fenyves Horse Yard
Owner: László Ledneczki
Address:Csámpa 22., Paks, 7030
Mobile phone:+36 (20) 249-5350
Pálma Horse Yard of Paks
Address:Ürge field, Paks, 7030
Mobile phone:+36 (20) 582-5863