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The passion of hunting has been connected to the humans’ everyday life for ages, but as the time passed, instead of being а source of nutrition, entertainment and sport became the main goals of hunting. Perhaps, the words of Zsigmond Széchenyi, the famous hunter and researcher of Africa, can express the essence of hunting, which gives a very special experience: "Hunting is chasing wild animals and forest sounds, but mostly forest sounds. Immersion of nature lovers into the nature.”

Well, it is worth trying out hunting and experiencing the pad of animals in the silent forest, the thrill of a hunter chasing animals and the peace of the circle of nature.


Contact information

Szentgyörgy Hunting Organization
Máté Rácz
Address:Lot nr. 1598, Vetle puszta, 7135 Dunaszentgyörgy
Mobile phone:+36 (30) 455-3754
Madocsa Landowners' Hunting Association
István Kövesdi; Norbert Bleier
Address:3 Határ street, 7026 Madocsa
Mobile phone:+36 (20) 326-1491
+36 (30) 829-0976
Hunting Organization Dunakömlőd
Konrád Rauh
Address:Villany street 11., Paks, 7030
Mobile phone:+36 (20) 243-5888
Paks-Cseresznyés Hunting and Nature Preservation Association
Ferenc Vájer
Address:Rákóczi street 5-7., Paks, 7030
Mobile phone:+36 (20) 338-3028