Water sports facilities on the Danube

The Danube in Paks has sport-cultural traditions. In 1864, the Shipping Association of Paks was established as one of the first Shipping Association in the country. At the time of the Hungarian Reform Era, the citizens and the enlightened nobility had the need to exercise outside and also to exercise togehter in companionship. According to this need and the initation of Count István Széchenyi, the rowing as an outdoor activity became popular in Pest-Buda started from the 1840’s. However, the Shipping Association had left off a long time ago, but nowadays its progenies can be found in the town. Young members of the Kayak-Canoe Association of the Nuclear Power Plant rowing on the Danube almost every day between spring and autumn. Competitors of the association (established in 1979) not only gain results in Hungarian Championship, but also gain excellent results internationally, which has rised the town’s reputation.

There are many water sport possibilities on the Danube, but tourists who not really prefer the active freetime will neither be dissapointed with the possibilities of the river. Fisherman can choose quiet and private parts of the Danube. People who want to sport can go boating, water skiing, jet-skiing or water hiking on the river. At summer time you can visit the other side of the Danube by ferry, there are a lot of facilities like bathing, sunbathing or camping in the long sandy and gritty bank. If we look the Nuclear Power Plant from the direction of the Danube, we get a really special view as the water run out the hot water channels with a huge strength, or if we look the buildings, pipelines and powerlines near the cold water channels.


Contact information

Kajak-Canoe Department of the Nuclear Power Plant’s Sport Association
Address:Mail address: Gesztenyés street 2., Paks, 7030, Address of the boathouse: Danube between 1527-1528 river kilometre, behind the dam.
Phone:+36 (75) 311-000
+36 (75) 507-646
Mobile phone:+36 (20) 439-3222