Do not miss, if you visit Paks


  1. Taste the siller wine of Paks in Sárgödör Square.
  2. Eat fish soup at the Danube bank.
  3. Travelling back in time and visit the Lussonium ruin garden.
  4. In the wake of Ferenc Deák visit the House of Deák.
  5. Check the mammoth teeth in the Town Museum of Paks.
  6. Check the inside of the only Nuclear Power Plant in the country.
  7. Participate in the physics show in the Museum of Nuclear Energetics.
  8. Generating electricity with a bicycle in The Information and Visitors Centre of the Nuclear Power Plant.
  9. Participate in at least one summer festival.
  10. Riding a horse in Cseresznyéspuszta.
  11. Swim across the Danube.
  12. Go up to the Gárdonyi lookout tower.
  13. Enter for the Atom Running.
  14. Participate in Spájz and taste a product from a local grower.
  15. Check the bughotel in the Forest School of Cseresznyéspuszta.
  16. See an experimental film in the Art Gallery of Paks.
  17. Hear at least one new information about environmental consciousness in Forráspont Energy House.
  18. Check in- and outside of the Holy Spirit Church, designed by Imre Makovecz.
  19. Go to a Paks FC match.
  20. Walk through the Danube promenade.