Free internet connection spots in Paks

The Municipality of Paks take the first step to create a smart city, with the help of creating free wifi spots all around the city.

Thanks to the network of FreeWifiPaks the users get a free internet connection and they can have resort to services, like browsing in the internet, visiting normal websites, orientation, colleting information within the confines of normal users' needs.

At FreeWifi spots, the users have to login via a start screen, this is the only way they can get access to free internet. This start screen is also a possibility for the city to give informations about the events, monuments to the users, draw their attention and rouse them to be part of the city life. This is also important for tourism. The user get useful informations about the city during a walk.

ASE sports hall

Address:7030 Paks, Gesztenyés street 2.

Bus station and clinic on Barátság street

Address:7030 Paks, Barátság street

Csengey Dénes Culture Center - Public Cultural Learning Non-Profit Organization of Paks Ltd.

Address:7030 Paks, Gagarin street 2.

Energetic Vocational School

Address:7030 Paks, Dózsa György street 95.

Health Center and Thermal Bath of Paks

Address:7030 Paks, Táncsics Mihály street 13.

Open-air swimming pool of Paks and the park nearby

Address:7030 Paks, Ürge field

Sport Association of Paks

Address:7030 Paks, Fehérvári street 29.

Blind Bottyán Secondary Grammar School

Address:7030 Paks, Dózsa György street 103.

Center Bus Station

Address:7030 Paks, Táncsics Mihály street 14/a.

Danube promenade

Address:7030 Paks

Erzsébet Grand Hotel

Address:7030 Paks, Szent István square 2.

Mayor's Office

Address:7030 Paks, Dózsa György street 55-61.

Sárgödör square

Address:7030 Paks, Sárgödör square