Wine, Pálinka and Gastronomy - Accomodations, restaurants, cafés and wineries of Paks

Winemaking has a long history in Paks and wine makers are proud of famous products such as siller wine. If you visit Paks, you should take a walk in Sárgödör Square among wine-press cellars and do not miss to taste this unique type of wine. The siller is a light, fresh, fruity wine, which has fuller and spicier flavour than rosé wine. During wine-tasting you should try out the famous fish soup of Paks, which is another unique gastronomic experience of our town. A bowl of authentic fish soup, fried carp with white wine and a glass of pure red wine of Paks can make a holiday from even the most average weekday. Especially, if you have all this in Sárgödör Square where there is a unique atmosphere.