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Wine makers in Paks scooped their cellars in the loess, which is perfectly suitable for storing wines, and they built wine-press houses around them. They carried away the loam exploited during the building of cellars and utilized it for filling the walls of houses and wine-press houses or made adobe from it. The name of Sárgödör Square origins from here and nowadays this square still welcomes its visitors.

Further information:

Association of Wine-Press House Owners in Sárgödör Square

Contact person: Dr. Hanol János

Telephone: +3620/522-2454

E-mail address:



Fabro Winery

Address:7030 Paks, Sárgödör square 1-2.
Mobile phone:+36 (30) 378-6847
+36 (30) 938-0463

Konnáth Winery

Address:7030 Paks, Virág street 16.
Phone:+36 (75) 312-167
Mobile phone:+36 (30) 313-2860
+36 (30) 543-8945

Mayer Winery

Address:7030 Paks, Sárgödör square
Mobile phone:+36 (30) 268-8667

Szedmák Maestro Winery

Address:7030 Paks, Sárgödör square 7.
Mobile phone:+36 (30) 936-5563

Hirczi Winery

Address:7030 Paks, Domb street 55.
Mobile phone:+36 (20) 941-4559

Kovács Winery

Address:7030 Paks, Sárgödör square 50.
Mobile phone:+36 (20) 316-4221

Polgár Winery

Address:7030 Paks, Zápor street 51.
Mobile phone:+36 (20) 910-8601