Thermal bath, swimming pool, town beach

Health Center and Thermal Bath of Paks

Address:7030 Paks, Táncsics Mihály street 13.
Phone:+36 (75) 830-830
Opening hours (Today):09:00 - 20:00

Open-air swimming pool of Paks

The open-air swimming pool of Paks is open from 1st of June until 31th of August.

Address:7030 Paks, Ürge field
Phone:+06 (20) 451-4722

MVM Paks Nuclear Power Plant Ltd's Pool

Swimming pool is open from 15th of September until 31st of May.

Address:7030 Paks, Táncsics lane 1.
Phone:+36 (75) 411-294
Opening hours (Today):09:00 - 19:45