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Preview movie 2017 in English:

Mini-movie on Destination Image from 2017:

VIII. Spájz, the day of quince lovers:

Puttonyos Festival, 2017:

Atomic Runnig, 2017:

Town event and fireworks of 20th August, 2017:

Pool Festival 2017:

Mini-movie on Destination Image from 2013:

Everyday life in town beach:

Tour de Hongrie 2017:

V. Coffee, Wine and Palinka Festival 2017:

Spájz, fair of growers and creatives (17th of June, 2017):

X. Siller Festival 2017:

Day of Children and Families 2017:

Town Day 2017:

Paks from the air:

Ice break-up at the Danube:

Architecture students from London visit the Church of the Holy Spirit:

A flowery town:

Spájz, fair of growers and creatives (8th of April, 2017):